Kid Wonder

by Marcus Doo

Recorded and Produced by: Luigi Pasquini.

Mixed by: Luigi Pasquini &Justin Lumsden as "NoUnicorn Production". 

Mastered by Martin Martin Ballesta at Last Punch.

Players and Singers: 

from the Trembling Bells : Alex Neilson, Mike Hastings and Valinia Black.

from Big Hogg: Tom Davis.

+ Alasdair Roberts, Neil Harris, Gavin Doo, Chris Doo, Sara Alonso, Genaro Alonso, Ross McCrae, Richie Merchant, Sharon Doo and Aoife Mcgarrigle.

Thank you to all of you!


Kid Wonder is essentially about an older man looking back at his life, towards death and in search of any Golden Apple (an old Norse emblem of eternal youth) of memory that may help him accept what has gone and what is about to come.

Through various adventures to an ever-clearer destination he is emboldened by memories of places and people past, and gives thanks to them.

The album features some samples of my own grandfather who died some years ago on his birthday.